As a consultant outfit we are dedicated to equip- ping our clients to achieve their objectives by following a path that is essentially fashioned out on their own. We embrace the following principles:

-  Help our clients learn concrete ways to improve their leadership abilities through a dynamic mix of lectures, discussions, 360-degree feedback, one-on -one coaching, and self-assessment tools,

-  Work actively to increase the capacity of our cli- ents to identify and better understand their chal- lenges and opportunities they face and then de- velop strategies and solutions that successfully address these challenges and opportunities. We stimulate a creative-chaos environment that prompts our clients to ask effective questions about themselves and their or- ganizations and conveniently place them just one click away from a choice of creative solutions.

- Give them the liberty and the freedom of choice when deciding upon a recommended course of action.

-  Responsibly inspire creative ideas and enhance their creative thinking capabilities. CEC helps you break out of self-imposed limitations, abandon the step-by-step approach, think sideways and explore new directions.

-  Ensure that our recommendations and actions as consultants are based upon valid biblical principles, authentic data and proven methods

-  Instead of developing large information reserves, we help our clients to acquire new knowledge that they can apply immediately, without suffering in- formation overload.

-  Use tools, methods, and strategies that encourage our clients to be independent over the long-term.