Our Product/ Services

There are no short cuts when it comes to building a great and high impact organization. There are, however, creative ways to discover solutions to the challenges you and your organization face. It begins with the willingness to face organizational challenge of leadership head on as everything rises or falls with leadership. To this effect Charis Equip Consult (CEC) offers innovative approaches to help you build a high performance organi- zation. We offer training and consultancy in:

  Human Capital Development and Capacity Building

  Organizational Strategical Planning

  Discipleship Making

  Church Growth Strategy

We have designed and developed leadership programs that help define an ambi- tious role for lead- ers at every level and then build the competencies to fulfill this role. Some of the com- petencies that we have defined as core to the role of leaders include:

  Strategic Thinking/      Planning          Coaching/Mentoring       Transformational     Leadership  
  Problem Solving        Decision Making        Systems Thinking        Delegation           Performance Management and Accountability             Inspiring a Shared Vision        SMART Leader         Entrepreneurial           Leadership
  Managing Conflict       Building and Sustaining         Teamwork

Leading Change Quality and Productivity Improvement Servant Leadership Spiritual Intelligence Emotional Intelligence Innovation and Creativity.

Leadership Styles Staff/workers Develop- ment Cultural Intelligence & Modern Management Communication Skills Self Management Time Management Relational Skills.

Stress Management Planning for Retirement.